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We started as Jude Elswitch Industrial Controls from 1992 till 2007 when it became Jude Elswitch Ltd. RC 704077. Jude Elswitch limited is wholly owned private limited Company offering contracting services, particularly in the public and private sectors throughout Nigeria and selected locations overseas, for over two decades the company has successfully designed and delivered many challenging projects and thus the skills, competence and experience of management and staff have been recognized and commended by many of the company’s clients. We are Electrical Consultants, Project coordinators, Engineers and suppliers of allied products. Our services are known for reliability and cost effectiveness. We have been quite successful in Automations (design, fabrication and installation of Motor Control Panels), Insulation Testing, Earth Testing, , High and Low Voltage Power installations and notably designs and installation of Independent Power Plants (IPP) etc.

We have successfully serviced several notable projects in the last five years: • Design and Electrical Installation of 53,235 cubic meters Pet. Product Depot, Abuloma River State for Sigmund Oil and Gas, Dockyard Lagos. • Design and Installation of 36,366 cubic meters Petroleum Product Depot EPZ Calabar Dozzy Depot2, 10,554 cubic meters Dozzy Depot3, and 37,632 cubic meters Dozzy Depot 4 for Dozzy Oil and Gas Lagos. • Design and Electrical Installation of 64,425 cubic meters Petroleum Product Depot Old railway station Port Harcourt for Dozzy Oil and Gas. • Electrical Installation of Product Depot Aiteo Oil and Gas Dockyard Apapa Lagos. • Electrical Installation 8 MVA HV gas Generator for Tower Power Utilities Ota IPP. • 625 hp Compressor Station for Compressed Natural Gas CNG Station for Green Fuel Ltd. • 2.6 MVA LV Power Generator for CAC complex Maitama Abuja. We have ongoing relationships with several companies in the power and gas industries nationwide.

From our modest beginning in 1992, we have grown into an organization with a proven track record of success in the new industries we have ventured into.

Our philosophy is simple; regardless of what the end product may be – Whether it is the Automations (design, fabrication and installation of Motor Control Panels), General electrical installations, Earthing and Lightning (Thunder) Protections, High and Low Voltage Power installations, designs and installation of Independent Power Plants (IPP) – we continuously strive to provide our customers with quality products and top-class services at a competitive price. To achieve this, we focus on two key ingredients. The first is our commitment to our work force. As in the past, we see the continued development of a highly skilled and motivated work force as being of paramount importance to our success in the years ahead. Our philosophy will be one of continuing to invest in the people who make us what we are, developing strong career opportunities for them and allowing new generations of personnel to come through and lead our organisation to increasing levels of success. The second ingredient is our continuing commitment to technology reinvestment throughout the company – whether it is our investment in people or acquiring new technologies to better serve our customers, the commitment to improved technology will ensure that we continue to provide the highest quality products to our customers in the most efficient way possible. The task of keeping pace with the ever-increasing tide of change and technological development is one that we are looking forward to with a great sense of optimism. We are proud of our past and are preparing ourselves to meet the challenges of the future with confidence.

About Us