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our Services
We service all aspects of client requirements including ad-hoc labour requests; long term supply agreements and bulk spend projects. From initial project management consultancy through to the implementation of new electrical installation, ongoing maintenance and inspection work, our dedicated team of specialists work closely with clients to provide safe, cost-effective project management and rope access electrical technicians.
We provide an extensive range of technical and commercial consultancy services in this area, and has experience of working with developers of products across the globe.

We prides itself on developing a good working relationship with its client’s, assisting (in many instances) in an input at the design stage of projects. This in turn often results in a better installation with major savings to the client’s budget, enabling savings to be spent elsewhere. Customer satisfaction is seen as the backbone of success. Apart from safety, the interpretation of clients’ requirements and their subsequent implementation remains the single most important factor in the day-to-day running of Jude Elswitch Limited. As a measure of the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction every client is asked to complete a very simple tick-box questionnaire following the completion of each project carried out by Jude Elswitch Limited. All questionnaires are subsequently scrutinized for trends, poor response and indeed excellence. We are also mindful of the fact that a growing numbers of our ideal customers will also express their desire to be more earth- friendly through the use of green, low cost of running and energy efficient products, and this align with our vision as well. We aim to be seen as the obvious system engineering choice for upscale companies that can build any electrical product with the lowest cost. The owner of this Company, Dr Jude Nnanna started over 20. His involvement in the industry and the community and in working with older clients is well established.


our services include

Motor and Power Distribution
Power and Lighting Audit
Turnkey Electrification
Industrial Lighting
Street Lighting
Traffic Lighting
Earthing (Grounding)
Lightning  Protection
Process Automation

Industries We Service are:

Automotive, Pulp, Paper & Corrugated, Transportation, Research & Development, Steel Processing, Wood Products, Petro-Chemical & Processing, Plastic & Trim, Wastewater Treatment, Agriculture, Manufacturing

By giving Xenturic the opportunity to serve you,

You stand to benefit:

Dedicated services

Timely deliveries

Cost friendly and Standard Design and Installation

Reliability of Operation

Personnel Safety

Provision for Future Expansion

We adopt the following steps in delivery projects to our Clients:

Review of Client brief

Site Visitation and assessment

Risk Assessment

Design for Client approval

Design for Client review

Project Method Statement

At Xenturic, we are committed to high standards of health and safety and our key objectives are, so far as is reasonably practicable, to prevent all accidents and injuries, to conserve the environment and avoid damage to property.  

We provide and maintain equipment, machinery and system of working which is safe and without risk to health.  We ensure there is no risk to health and safety of all persons including those not in our employment when handling, storing or transporting any article or substance.  We provide information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to ensure the health and safety while at work, of all our employees.  We provide and maintain safe premises and means of access to and from any place of work under our control.  We provide a working environment without risk to health and safety.  

A collaborative programme of technical information, development and research to assist Electricity Companies in Nigeria to achieve best in class performance in power distribution. 

Whether you’re looking for a solution for electrical services alone, or one that integrates the wider scope of combined building services, Jude Elswitch offers you the input of an experienced 

and an accountable team.